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Fast Product Changeovers
User Controlled Automatic Height Adjustment System
can easily set up the PouchMan for a new product in just minutes
designed to provide the operator with a comfortable loading position
Built-in Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
all parameters of the pouching process are controlled and monitored through the touchscreen interface
Constant Heat, Validatable Bar Sealer
Adjustable Horizontal Loading Pouch Magazine
Ethernet Funtionality with Built-in Web Server and email Capabilities
Allows the user to adjust the height of the machine according to their own height
Accessible Loading Station
allows for simple loading of product
The PouchMan PM1000 is an automatic pouching system that opens a pre-made pouch, presents it for product loading, seals it, and discharges it for further process. It is ideal for pouching medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and much more..
allows pouches to be staged in the magazine while the system is running
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Afforable, Reliable, and Consistent Pouching
PouchMan Automatic Pouching Systems