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Pouch Size Range
Cycle Speed
60" L x 30" W x 35-38" H
Options Available
Foot Pedal Switch with Integrated Guard
Gas Flush, Vacuum Seal Modules
Custom Product Loading & Filling Modules
Approximate Weight
500 lbs
90 PSI Clean Dry Air
110 VAC 50/60 Hz
Heat Sealer
Constant Heat, Validatable
Pouch Material
Foil Laminate
Various Marking Devices, including:
PM2000 Product Brochure**
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The PouchMan PM2000 is an automatic pouching system that opens a pre-made pouch, presents it for product loading, seals it, and discharges it for further process. It is ideal for pouching medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and much more..
Minimum: 2.0 Wide x 2.0 High
Maximum: 9.5 Wide x 12" High
One Pouch Per Cycle
Minimum: 2.0 Wide x 2.0 High
Maximum: 4.0 Wide x 12.0" High
Two Pouches Per Cycle
Running 1 Up: Up to 15 pouches per minute*
Running 2 Up: Up to 30 pouches per minute*
* Cycle speeds are calculated using a one second product load time. Certain applications
may require longer product loading times.
Emboss Coders
Inkjet Printers
Print & Apply Label Applicators
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Afforable, Reliable, and Consistent Pouching
PouchMan Automatic Pouching Systems